7 Years - Classic Lenght Achieved


17th September 2010

Hello everyone =)
So yes, finally an update! And although it's only one picture update, it's still the most special update I've done so far: I've reached my goal of classic lenght! I am so happy and so excited!
As you know, my ends have been very thin for a long while, so I’m going to mantain at this lenght with trims, to even out my ends and see if they thicken =) I now have the long hair I always wanted, lenght wise. I’ve already trimmed once and I think it’s going to be of great help to trim my hair regularly.

As for further updates, I have to apologize for being absent for so long. Even though I have had demanding and even rude posts of my guestbook, you, my visitors, have been very kind in suporting me and following my progress, and it’s something I still want to share with you, regarding my trimming. I won’t have the chance to update as frequently as I did before, and also the diference of my hair won’t be noticeable from month to month anymore, it hasn’t been for months now. Still, I might try more styles and do more videos, I just have to find a way to do so, since I don’t have a camera anymore.

 Anyways, I hope you like the new picture! Again, I’m sorry for being absent for so long... Thank you =)

31st December 2010

Hi everyone! So yeah, it's been more than forever since I last posted anything to my account... I'm sorry, but it's been hectic lately with university work and that has to come first. So I'm posting today, because it's a new year tomorrow and because of Karen's message on my guestbook, which made me giggle =P
So no, I didn't cut my hair, I am not sick but, yes, I've been very busy. I actually stopped trimming my hair since the last post, and now I'm growing it, thin ends or not, to goal lenght. I gotta get there in 2011, I really hope I do.
Regarding this site, it's really dificult to mantain, for several reasons. Not only I don't have much time currently, but also update wise, I feel like I'm always posting more of the same. I didn't measure my hair or take picture for months now, because although it is growing at an average pace, it's definitly not showing very much, comparing to the lenght I already have. Still, I'd love to do more videos or styles, even styling videos. Currently I don't have a camera anymore because we broke our camera a few months ago, but I might have one in the near future, or I could try my webcamera.
One thing I thought of though, was to make a facebook page for Little Bird Long Hair and use it for the updates. There could be albums, there could be video galleries (I think) and I could even post all the information I have here in the site and it would be easier for everyone to come in contact with me. So what does everyone think? You can message me with your opinion... I guess it would be easier for me and for all you guys =) Actually I usually take pictures that can come across as hair pictures but I wouldn't post them here because the site is actually a hassle to update, and most of them do not have enough quality, for me, to come to a site, but I would upload them to facebook. So please let me know what you think? =)
Actually I will be posting a poll here on the site for you to vote, so please check it out =)
I wish everyone a happy great new year, and I thank you so much for your feedback and suport on my growing journey. I really want to share with everyone the moment when I get to my goal lenght and afterwards the new journey of getting to a blunt and hopefully fuller hemline.
So yeah, let's get on to a great new year! =D
16th August 2010

Hi there! It's been a while since I last posted something so here's a picture =D I've been mantaining my hair at 110 cm, as I had told, and I think my ends are looking better. It's been a rough Summer for my hair though, so I will probably mantain this lenght for a while longer, probably untill December. My hair is actually very close to classic lenght now, which is a little shorter than the actual 120 cm I was calculating. Anyways, this picture is right after my last trim of 4 cm (it had gotten to 114 cm). I was going to take it back to 105 but decided not to do it at least for now. I might do it later on though, I don't know. It'll all depend on how the ends thicken up. I really would like a fuller hemline, and I'm still debating myself on wether I prefer the lenght or the thicker ends. Still, I really liked this picture because you can see the hair from roots to ends, and I didn't have a picture like this for a long time, maybe because I hadn't ask anyone to take them for me and this one was taken by other person =) Style wise, I haven't been experimenting a lot, but I might try some new styles for winter, who knows =)
Thank's for checking in! See ya!

8th July 2010

Hi everyone! First of all, I'm sorry I've been so absent in the last few months, and I'm flattered some people were worried about what had happened.
Truth is, I didn't have any time at all for this site, as I had been preparing my colection for the fashion show at my university, and that is a lot of work. Because of that, I didn't take any pictures of my hair, progress, or style wise. At the same time, as I am mantaining my hair at the moment with monthly trims, there is no diference from month to month, other than a little increase in thickness, but it's a very slow process, and I was expecting that. Still, my hair is at about 111 cm now, even with the trims, and it's about 10 cm max away from my goal. I never wear it loose, so it doesn't make a diference, and I prefer mantaining for as long as it takes so my ends can become thick and healthy looking. Therefore, I see no reason why I should keep updating my site monthly, even though I know some people would want that, despite the pictures being practically equal. I had actually thought about deleting this site, but for the time being I'm going to leave it open. I know I helped out quite a few people with their long hair and I have given some advice, and I'm happy I could be of help and even sometimes an inspiration maybe. I love my hair and I will obviously be keeping it for a long time to come.
I will eventually update some day, probably with the results of my trimming period, and I still want it to grow longer after that. So an update is to come, I just don't know when. I have decided to stop monthly pictures because there is no diference between each month now, and sometimes it could get stressfull for me. There is growth, it just doesn't show compared to the lenght I already have.
I still want to answer your questions if someone still has any. It's more practical to me if they are submited to my e-mail, wich is joaodavid2@yahoo.co.uk
Although it might seem, it's not like this is the end of this site. My videos are still on youtube and I'm proud to share my experience and the way that long hair can be so good, and how guys should cherish it as much as girls do. I will eventually think about what do to with the site, maybe I could give it a new twist? I don't know for now. I will be enjoying my free time and rest from my very busy year at uni, and in the meantime, if you have anything you'd like to ask or say to me, just feel free to e-mail me.
Thank you =)

11 April 2010 - 66 Months Update and New Video

1st March 2010 - 65 Month Update, Growth Chart Update and New Collection!

Hey everyone! Finally I get to post the 65th month update. It’s been a busy month and that’s why I’m so late. I also didn’t have the camera whith me for a few days so all together made me be VERY late.... oh well =)
Anyways, first off I’d like to say I was kinda surprised to have so many comments on my guestbook suporting a trim on my hair, and especially by those who told me to cut all the thin part at once. Well, if I were to do that, I would not wait untill my hair got to 110 cm to start trimming my hair. As most of you know, I have a goal set, which is 120 cm. I am currently at about 106,5, but I will be mantaining at 110, once I get there, at least for 6 months to a year. I will only be cutting the growth I gain each month – hence, mantaining. I have worked very hard for every inch of lenght and waited for long, so it would be very traumatic to me to cut lenght, even tough I know would make a diference on my hair apearence. Still, the ends are actually very healthy and soft. The way it looks on pictures is not the best, but it looks ok in reality. My ends are now fairytale ends, which is a technical term for naturally grown ends, that weren’t trimmed. Many people want ends like I have now, so they are considered beautyfull by some. I do like faerytale ends but it’s not what I want for my hair, and that’s the reason why I’m willing to trim for a while before I get to my goal.
This month’s pictures are in the same set, sorry... But on the other hand, I managed to make a mix of natural texture pictures and combed textured pictures, so at least there’s a little twist there =) The new collection is a texture collection, which is my favourite so far! I love texture pictures! The high ponytail is also being planned, maybe in the next months it will pop here in the site! Let’s see what I can manage! =D
Well, it’s all for now. As for the countdown, it’s only a time limit for my first trim. Actually if I get to 110 cm before July, I will be trimming my hair the month after. I actually can’t wait to start trimming because it will change the look of my hair, which I do need now... But 110 cm first off! =D
Thank’s for reading and for suporting me!
Oooh, and last big news: I have created an e-mail for you to use whenever you have questions or suggestions. It’s mich easier than replying in the guestbook, as in mail it’s much more direct and specific to each person. The e-mail is:
Feel free to mail me =D

Special message for Whitney Brooks: I have tried to mail you again but I get a message from yahoo telling me your adress is not available. If you have any other e-mail adress please let me know =)

Untill next month! Stay tunned =D

28th January 2010 - 64th Month Update and Growth Chart Update!

Hi Everyone! Here I am with the 64th month update! This month’s pictures are in the same place as last month’s. I know some people had asked for diferent backgrounds for my pictures, but as I’ve been taking them by myself, the bathroom is really the best place for me to do it. I’ll try a new place next time! I probably can manage to upload some new style in the future updates and possibly a new video.
Now for the news that some people might be sad about... I’m going to stop growing my hair next June, starting a strict trimming regimen in July. The reason why is because my ends are just so thin. They are even only visible when I wear dark clothes – you can check that by comparing this month’s pictures with last month’s. So yes... About my goal lenght, it is still the same. I’m past 105 cm now, and my goal is 120 cm. I hope to reach 110 cm before I start trimming my hair. I don’t mind having to wait for the rest of the 10 cm to grow.
My trimming plan will be to trim all my growth, at least in the first 6 months (from July to December). After that, if my ends look better and thicker and are to my liking, I will only trim half the growth, untill I reach 120 cm. I know some people will ask me not to do this, and other will just be a little disapointed, but there is no point in keep growing my hair with ends like this. I have managed to grow my hair almost non stop for 5 years (wich will be 5 and a half) and was able to achieve tailbone lenght. I am very happy with this, and I don’t think it’s very common for someone to grow this long in such a short time. Actually, if you check this month’s picture where I’m stretching my hair, I am just so close to my goal!
 Still, I am not enjoying the extra lenght anymore, since I can’t barely feel it. This is the main reason I want to start trimming. I will be mantaining tough, not shortening the lenght. I will most likely keep posting the progress while I trim, because there are people who are so skeptical about it, I will try to show that trimming can be long hair friendly too (as I’ve seen some examples of it).
 Thank’s for visiting, and please do leave me a comment on my guestbook about this. I’d like to hear your opinions!
Stay tunned! =)

9th January 2010 - 63rd Month Update and new Collection!

Hey there everyone! First of all, sorry for being so late once again, but life's busy! University, Christmas and New Year's Eve, didn't left much time to post, but here it is! First update of the year! And with a request fullfilled! Other than the regular progress pictures, I posted a new collection with my ponytail progress, as some people had asked me earlier. Hope you like it!
Hair wise, it's been enjoyable as always. Long hair is a part of me now... well it has been for quite a while now! Only my ends have been bothering me a little because they are not as thick as they used to be. I still have some layers, and I am so eager to get my ends trimmed to a blunt cut. I haven’t trimmed for 6 months now, and I have noticed growth, so I’m giving it 6 more months to make it a full year, and then I’ll start trimming again. Also, my goal is not very far away for now. If I make it to the average growth rate of 6 inches a year and if I can still grow that amount, I will be achieving my goal in the beggining of 2011, so I’m really looking forward for this year!
Thank you so much for keeping on visiting my site! Thank’s for all the suport too! I wish everyone a happy 2010 with lots of fun and wishes fullfilled!
See ya! =)

20th November 2009 - Progress Pictures, 2 New Styles and New Video!

And another month has gone by, and I know I'm a little late on the update! =P Things have been super busy, as usual, and only today did I found the time to take my monthly pictures and edit everything, including the video from my 60th month mark. I'm posting this video along with the progress pictures, as well as two new styles. You will notice the progress pictures set got longer (in lenght), because I wasn't getting enough space anymore to put pictures in decent size and still show all my lenght... so hey, it's a good sign! =D My 2 new styles are the rope figure 8 bun, which I did out of a challenge in LHC but I really don't wear it (my hair and figure 8's don't go along very well hehe...) and the other one is something I never tought I'd try: a tucked french braid! You know what? I loved it! It takes a little more time to do, but I wore it out and it stayed all day, and felt so comfortable! I really love how it looks too, has it's got the intricacy of a french braid without having to leave the braid hanging around getting all fuzzy during the day. Very stylish and functional, I was very happy to find it!
I'm still struggling a little with my thin ends, but I think I'll get there... I'm not so far away from my goal now, so I will continue waiting to get there before doing any drastic trimming.
Hope you like the update! And I know I still have lots of requests for a high ponytail, and altough it doesn't really stay on my hair, I will try to do it and take pictures... Let's see what I can come up with =)
Stay tunned!

18th October 2009 - Progress Pictures Update, New Video, New Style and New Collection!

So yeah... this is a big one =) I decided to reopen my video gallery, as well as the collections gallery. This is my 61st month of growth, and I'm happy as always with my hair, altough I still have to get used to it being much thinner as it grows. You will notice it looks diferent, with less body and with thinner ends. The tinner ends are normal, as my hair is fairitaling because I haven't trimmed it for a long time now (more than 4 months at least) so the taper is starting to show. It doesn't have the same body and wave to it because I recently did a heavy oiling, and in the pictures I still had a bit of oily touch to my hair. I washed it yesterday and it's back to normal again! =)
The new style is a nautilus bun, which I have been wearing very often recently. I've been trying several buns and wearing my hair up more often to university, to keep it as protected as it can get. My ends have been thanking me for that! The new collection of pictures is called "Sand in My Hair" and was done in the beach. You can see my beach hair there, which is very huge, poofy and curly. There are some wet pictures as well, so yes, I haven't forgotten those requests for wet hair pictures from last year =) The video is from my 53rd month of growth, so my hair apears to have thicker ends and is a little shorter.
I hope you enjoy the new update! I'll be seeing you next month!

14th September 2009 - Progress Pictures Update and New Styles

Still another year has gone by, and looking back, it was so fast... My hair grew a lot longer to my eyes and to the way I feel about it, and I am very happy with it. My goal is getting near, and who knows if I will meet it before I reach terminal lenght? Who knows how long I still have to wait?... I think I will find out. I'm not cutting my hair before I meet my goal of classic lenght. And that leads me to the recent suggestions I've had in my guestbook to cut my hair... that's not gonna happen.
This month I'm posting the new progress pictures and new styles: Update on the herringbone braid, half frecnh braid, pony wrapped stick bun, square 4 strand braid, loose dutch braid, 5 strand braid and 5 strand braided bun. This also serves to prove that the longer the hair, the more you can learn and do with it. Styles are in an infinite number...
You can also see I took down the videos page and the collections page. Altough I have new videos and new collections, I prefer taking them down the internet. I think that what matters is the lenght my hair is gaining and the styles I'm learning to make right now. I hope you enjoy the new pictures I'm posting.
Here's to a new year of growth, hoping that it will bring me so close to my goal lenght that I will finally be able to trim more often as to gain thicker ends. Let's see where will the future lead me with my hair...
See ya!

12th August 2009 - Progress Pictures Update

Hi! So here's another month... and what a month! It's been a long time since I strugled with my hair as I'm doing now. I think I'm in a phase where it's getting very complicated to deal with the fact that I barely trim my hair, and that it might be affecting the way it grows. I just feel my braid is becoming too thin, and it makes me mad that I don't understand if it's just because my hair is just prone to this at this lenght or if it's because I still have layers that have never been cut and are very thin still, and eventually will get trimming with time and fill up my braid. Also, my ends have been very frizzy, but still they are not dry! Actually, they've been pretty soft, so I don't understand why they're doing this.
All in all, it's been a mentally tough month hair wise. I hope this is just another passage and things go back to normal. I am still happy since I just found out I am extremely close to my goal lenght now. I will try to minimize trimming in this next year to see if I can finally get to classic lenght. I just can't wait for what comes next: build a thick straight hemline!
Gee... Hope next month I feel better about my hair =) Thank's for watching, hope you enjoy the pictures. See ya!

7th August 2009 - Progress Pictures Update and Growth Chart Update

Hello! This month I'm posting the last two sets of progress pictures that are late. I'm also updating my growth chart up to this month. My hair now measures the same it did in May, due to the trimming I've been doing. Maybe I'll try to advoid trimming untill at least January to see if I can get a hold on a solid tailbone lenght. When I stretch my hair it practically touches my tailbone but it's not solid there yet. My hair has been behaving very well this Summer, altough it's breaking a little in the ends. Also the frizz is a little problem, because of the heat we have here in this time of the year but oh well... Anyways, it's growing and it's generally healthy and that's what matters =D
Thank's for coming by, enjoy the update! See ya!

7th July 2009

Say Hallelujah! I finally got the time for an update, but I'm on the run for my vacation, so it won't be complete yet. Still, I'm posting a new video as a gift for all of you who waited for so long and posted kind words. Thank you!
I'm posting the picture update from March, April and May, as well as the self trim picture from March and June. The new video is one of my hair after washing and air drying, uncombed. So there you can see my natural hair texture.
Hope you like the update, and hopefully I'll bring more nice things from my vacation. Enjoy!
See ya!

10th May 2009

Hello there! This is actually not na update yet, but I want to assure people my hair is still growing and nothing bad happened. I have been extremely busy (and will be at least for the next month and a half), and I really can’t dedicate any time to my site. Still, I have been taking pictures (and I have trimmed my hair in the meanwhile, and will do so again next month), so when I have the time I will put everything in order.
Sorry if I kept you in doubt for so long! Do keep checking in tough, I never know when I’m going to finally have time for an update! See ya!

14th February 2009 – Progress Pictures Update and Growth Chart Update

Hey there! So finally I update my site. Probably some people were expecting more stuff, but I don’t have any new styles to post, and I haven’t had the chance to make a new video. Anyways, you can see the progress by the pictures. I’m very close to tailbone lenght now when I stretch my very ends. It’s a lenght I like a lot, and very close to my final goal. I really am looking forward to it, as afterwards a new journey begins: trim my ends very regularly so they become thick and straight and blunt... like 2 more years ahead hehe. Anyways, I hope you like the new pictures! Stay tunned!

1st February 2009 - New Site Layout and Growth Chart Update!

Hello, and happy new year to everyone! I’m very sorry I couldn’t update in such a long time, but my university is taking most of my life now, as it’s a very important year. I have been very busy and I barely have time to even comb my hair properly. Still, I love it more and more as always! So I’m keeping up with my plan of growing it to classic lenght. Maybe I’ll get there somewhere in 2010, if I’m lucky. My hair is now well past my waist, which leaves me very happy!
I’m still not posting anything special today, I just changed the site layout (the other one was getting boring) and updated the growth chart. I also created space for the 2009 progress pictures! On my next update I’ll try to catch up with things, hope everyone understands. Also, my computer as broken down completely so I’m kinda limited. Anyways, I’m gonna catch up eventually, at least untill the 15th of February. Thank’s to everyone who’s been posting in the guestbook and do stay tunned!

18th October 2008 - 49 Months Progress Pictures and Growth Chart Update!

Hello there! It's been quite a while since the last update. I've been extremely busy with university altough real work hasn't started yet.
It's been a stressing month relatively to my hair. I've been shedding a lot of hair, I do hope it's from season change. It has grown 1 cm since my last measure. It's growing at a steady and average rate so I can't complain... I'm actually really happy, and I know the shedding will stop!
Hope you like the update! See ya!

12th September 2008 - 48 Months of Growth - 4 Years!!! - Progress Pictures, Trim, Style Updates, New Styles, Growth Chart Update and New Video!

So... 4 years have gone by since I started growing my air long. It seems it was yesterday, and still so many days passed. It's a little nostalgic, as time is flying, I can see these 4 years in my hair, it's like every moment is carved in it. And it's so beautyfull to see and feel that!
So to mark this special day I am making a very generous update, with lots of new pictures, progress, styles, a trim, and a video! Of course, also updating the growth chart.
I am updating the english braid, the herringbone braid and the french braid. Don't forget that all the styles in the style section are done by myself, so they're all possible! I'm adding two new styles as well: the chinese bun and the figure 8 bun. The new video is from my 36th month progress session, so I did it when I was on vacation. The trim I did was in the actual day when I took the pictures of the 4th year, right after taking them actually. I did the trim myself for the second time and it went fine, altough I didn't tak emuch off. I didn't have the courage. Anyways, I'm trimming more frequently to get blunt straight ends and I'm positive that going slow is the key to keep growing while trimming, so I'm sticking to it.
So I hope everyone likes the new pictures and videos. My hair is still at 92 cm after the trim so it's fine, I'm really happy with it. My goal of 120 cm is getting really close, I just can't wait! Let's hop to another year of growth (and this time, trimming) with lots of fun, learning new hairstyles and showing to people that long hair is fun, healthy, beautyfull and glorious!

22nd August 2008 - 47 Months Progress Pictures and Growth Chart Update!

It's been a busy month, with a trip to Cabo Verde, lots of family visits and a lot of hair benign neglection. Either ways, it's growing, ready for another year of lenght. I have gained 2 cm in the last month, and I'm very happy with it! I'm posting a picture collage from this month, hope you like it! I'll be seeing ya!

28th July 2008 - 46 Months Progress Pictures!

Hi there once again! I just came back from my vacations and I had a little rest on the (healthy) obssessive hair care. I am hoping it didn't have any bad effect on my hair. It has been growing very well lately and I am well past waist length when it is wet. I can finally call it a solid waist lenght when it is dry too. I am very happy about that, and I feel it's safe to start evening out my ends now. We'll see how everything goes. This month's pictures were taken in the garden of the house where I spend my vacations. I hope you enjoy seeing them! Do keep checking in because I am preparing new videos!
Stay tunned!

3rd July 2008 - Growth Chart Update and New Video!!!

Hey there everyone! I have finally managed to edit a new video, to post along with my monthly measurements. My hair is now about 35 inches, which I'm very excited about. My new video is a mix of videos from 2007 (so my hair is shorter than it is now), including all the videos I did but never got to post, because I didn't like how they came out or because I didn't find them all that good. I have another video ready that I will be posting later on so stay tunned! It doesn't show my hair all that much but it's good I guess.
For now, I hope you like this new video. Thank's for visiting and remember to stay tunned!
See ya!

25th June 2008 - 45 Months Progress Pictures and Growth Chart Update

It's a pretty average update this month here at my site, presenting the usual progress pictures and the growth chart update. As last month I had a trim my hair didn't show much progress on the tape measure, but it did on the pictures! I am, as always, deeply attatched to my hair and I'm very happy with my progress. I seem to have reached about waist lenght now, which was one of my main goals! From here on I hope to be more relaxed towards my hair growth, letting it flow naturally and obssess less, because I feel I will get there sooner or later, knowing that after more than 3 and a half years I've reached this so desired lenght. I have been wearing a new updo too, which is the chinese bun, of which I hope to post pictures in the next updates. Now that I am on holidays, finally, I may as well start thinking about new themes for collections and videos.
So, I hope you like the new pictures and thank's so much for visiting! See ya!

20th May 2008 - 44 Months Progress Pictures, Growth Chart Update and a Trim!

It's been a while since I posted... I have been busy as I've never been, and I little less interested in my site I guess. I still like posting my pictures here but when you have other million things happening around you it's dificult to keep up with it. Anyways, I'm almost on holidays, gladly!
This month I'm posting pictures of my recent trim, the first one I did my self. It went quite well, and I'm planning on having at least one every 4 months to start evening up my ends. I am quite tired of them being everywhere and of the easy tangles so... time to start getting them blunt, straight and beautyfull =P I'm also posting my stats on the growth chart. I have been on 90 cm but with the trim I came down to 88 again. Anyways, 90's with come again ^^ Finally I'm posting my picture collage for May 2008, representing 44 months of growth! 4 more months and I'll be on 4 years. My God, time flies indeed.
Hope you like the update! I'll be seeing ya!

20th April 2008 - 43 Months Progress Pictures and Growth Chart Update!

So... This is a very late update! Still, everything's normal with my hair, just not with my skeduals... I've been incredibly busy with university and didn't have the time to update the site so far, but now I could finally take half an hour to do so. Unfortunatly, I haven't been trying any new styles or taking style pictures, nor making any new videos. I do have some plans tough, for some new things for the site. Still, they will have to wait untill I'm more free from university. For now I leave you with my 43rd Month Picture Update and the Growth Chart Update! My hair has been growing very well I think, and I am all so very happy! Only my ends could be better, but oh well... you can't ask for everything! Hope you enjoy the update! See ya!

18th March 2008 - 42 Months Progress Pictures

Finally I reached 3 and a half years of growht. It seems like it was yesterday that I had my big update here at the site, at my 3 years mark. Time indeed flies. I really don't wish it to go by so fast... the only positive thing about it is only for my hair growth, but I get somewhat sad to see time fly so fast... oh well. I'm posting my progress pictures a little bit later this time because I have been very busy. Either ways, I have a free week now (ehem... free of classes but not free of work). About my hair, ir's not having a very good week and it shows in the pictures. I think my last oiling didn't go so well so my ends look a little ratty. I guess the layers play a big part on my hair mood. Sometimes it's very good, other times not so much... It will be a relief when I finally start trimming regularly to get blunt ends but I really have a lot to go yet. Oh well... I think the ends are healthy anyways. I like the picture of the hair texture tough. Just see for yourself! =)
I hope you like the new pictures nonetheless. And I do hope everybody likes the new site design, for I surely love it! See ya sometime next month!

03rd March 2008 - New Collection, Growth Chart Update
and New Site Design!

So it was time for me to renew my site's design for Spring time. For this season I've chosen earth tones for my site, with a floral-victorian touch. I hope everyone likes it, I personally think it's the best design I came up with so far (gotta love those butterflies!). Anyways, let's talk about hair! I have been doing great on my hair growth, it does seem very constant lately and I do like it. I have had to cut back on maintenance time now that uni strikes again, but I've been doing my best to keep the breakage to a minimum (most time I don't think I break hair at all I guess). Anyways, I keep on lobing my hair and I feel that in a few months there will be no doubt that I am at waist lenght. I do need to start S&Ding tough, for I've been seeing some split ends. I am saving money to buy proper hair scissors and then I shall be doing it a few times a month. My hair grew 1,5 cm - or 0.59 inches - this month. It means it measures 86 cm, or 33.86.
I have also uploaded a new collection, also up to Spring time! It's the "Hair and Flowers" collection and it's my favorite one so far. I do love flowers and feel conected to nature so it's a theme I really identify myself with. And it's all for now I guess! I hope you like the new layout and the updates... I'll be seeing ya!

12th February 2008 - New Progress Pictures

Hello there! Once again here I am with another update of my hair growth! I have reached the 41st month of growth and, as always, I am very happy. My hair is just so close to a solid waist lenght now, I can finally see the light in the end of the tunnel! University has already started again so I am only doing this small update with the progress pictures this time, as I don't have a lot of time in hands right now. I do hope you like the new pictures tough. Stay tunned!

3rd February 2008 - Growth chart update and new video!

This time I'm bringing you a little more than just my usual growth chart update, adding a brand new video to the site! My hair is measuring 33.27 inches, or 84,5 cm, and I am very happy with the course of things. It seems to be growing on an average rate and it makes me happy!... My new hair video is about self braiding. It has instructios. It's a pretty simple video but I hope you enjoy it. I did it several months ago, close to my 3rd year or growing, so I hadn't trimmed it yet. Now my braid is longer and my ends look better, and I also have a new and improoved way of doing the braid. The diference is in the way I bring it to the front, and it prevents the braid from forming loops. Anyways, I hope you like this update! Thank's for visiting!

22nd January 2008 - New Styles at Braids by Little Bird!!

I decided it was time for a new update at Braids by Little Bird. I am posting some old works as well as new styles as well. The styles I posted are the following:

- 3 Strand French Braid (on shorter hair); - Herringbone Braid
- Combination 3 to 3 Strand Braid; - 3 Strand French Crown
- 3 Strand Loose Braid done with Mini-Braids; 3 Strand Dutch Loose Braid
- Yin-Yan Braids; - Custom Braid 05

I hope everyone likes the new styles I posted! Thank's for visiting!

15th January 2008 - 40th Month Progress Pictures, new styles and growth chart update!

This month marks my 40th month of hair growth! It's been a long journey and I don't regret nothing about it... I think long hair was one of the things I am most happy about who I have become in the last years... I'm very proud of my achievements so far and I can't wait for more! I am delighted with every single inch I gain and it's such a nice feeling to know that I am almost hiting a solid waist lenght.
This month I'm bringing you a new progress picture collage and two new styles to the styles section: the vertical braids and the herrinbgbone braid (or fishtail braid). I already wore both of these styles out in the street and they are really comfortable! I like the vertical braids a lot because they're easy to do and look very original.
I hope you like the new pictures! I also take the chance to wish everyone a prosper new year with all your wishes fullfilled!

21st December 2007 - 39th Month Progress Pictures! And a new Collection!

I'm sorry I couldn't update the site earlier but I have been incredibly budy with university. Finally classes are over so now I can rest a little, tough i still have a lot of work ahead. Anyways, there is always time for my hair! This month I bring the usual progress pictures but also a new collection of pictures I took last Summer! They are the "Hair in Action" collection of pictures and you can see them in the collections page! I hope y ou like all the new pictures! I am in love with my hair ^^
I wish everyone a MERRY CHIRSTMAS and lots of hair growth!

2nd December 2007 - Growth Chart Update!

This was a pretty average month for my hair, and the growth was also very normal. My hair grew 1,5 cm (0.59 inches), bringing me to 81,5 cm (32.09 inches) of growth! I am very happy and really close to waist lenght! Thank's for visiting!

12th November 2007 - 38th Month Progress Pictures! And new video!

This month has gone by pretty fast, and my hair grew very nicely I think! I am very pleased with my journey, I just can't get enough of saying it! Oh well... I have been really busy so I haven't been doing anything new related to my hair, just keeping up with the normal routine. I just did a mask a while ago, which did wonders, so my hair became really soft and shiny since then. Also, I'm really pleased with the trim I had, my ends feel so good and healthy! About the new video, it's called "Long Hair in Action". You can see it on the videos page or on my YouTube Channel!
That's all for this update! Enjoy!

4th November 2007 - Growth Chart Update and New Style!

This month my hair grew on an average basis. That said, it grew 1.5 cm, a little more than half an inch. Adding this new growth, my hair now measures 31.50 inches. I'm getting close to waist lenght and I really can't wait! Hopefully in the next months it will come true.
I am also adding a new picture of a style! It's the Half-Braid, also known as the Legolas braid. I only wore it outside once, since it doesn't really protect the hair from tangles, but I really liked the look! I hope you like it too! See you in the next progress update!

15th October 2007 - 37th Month Progress Pictures

I'm a little bit late this month, but here I am! I am not bringing a lot of new stuff this month, mainly because I have had a really busy week, and the weekend was quite caotic (I went to a fashion event in Lisbon, which was great great!) So only now I am finding the time for this month's update ^^ So, it's been 37 months since I started growing my hair, and definitly counting! I didn't have any growth since the trim, as you can confirm in the growth chart page. Eventually, there was only 2 weeks between the measurements so it's natural that the tape measure doesn't show any growth at all... Anyways =) I am adding the progress pictures and two new style pictures: the HALF-TAIL and the TWIST BRAID! I don't really wear any of these styles but I still like to practice them, you never know when a not so common style will be handy! So it's all for this month's progress update. I hope you enjoy the new pictures!

29th September 2007 - 1.38 inches (3,5 cm) Trim!

I hope everyone liked the mega update, which I was very happy with! Be sure there will be lots of new things in the future, which I will be uploading as time goes by ^^
So yes, I trimmed my hair last Setptember 17th, on my first day of uni. I have to say I am quite delighted with my new, healthier ends, they do make my hair easier to comb and manage, and it looks nicer too. Altough, it feels much shorter to me, altough most people won't even notice I had a trim. I had 1.38 inches, or 3,5 cm cut off. I was expecting this amount to be removed but I really didn't wan't so much to go at once. I feel I am so far away from waist lenght again, which saddens me a little, but still I'm happy to know I'm gonna achieve it with much healthier ends! I don't know how long it will take but we'll see... In the meantime, I'm posting a picture of the trim I had last year and a collage from my most recent trim. They are posted in the progress pictures page, in the bottom of the page. I hope you like the results! I sure do (but the lenght, oh well)... And by the way, I am leaving the last entries of the main page, so you can scrool down and catch up in case you've missed some update. I will try to do this from now on, altough I don't know how much I'm gonna be able to programe this text box to scroll down but oh well =P Well, see you next month!

Little Bird

12th September 2007 - 3 Years of Hair Growth!!!

Here I present, finally, the MEGA UPDATE on LITTLE BIRD LONG HAIR!!!
I am in extasy with my journey, and so so happy.
So, after recieving some requests I decided to expand my site, opening new sections to post other types of pictures, other than only progress pictures. So, in this update, the news are:

- New SITE DESIGN, ready for the cold times, in grey and white!

- 36 Months Progress Pictures, as always, in the Progress Pictures page!

- New STYLES page!!! In this page I will be posting my long hair styles, updating while I learn new ones, or while my hair grows to look diferent in the same styles! This month I will be posting a picture of a BASIC BUN, a PONYTAIL, a BASIC BRAID and a FRENCH BRAID, as some people asked from the new video.

- New COLLECTIONS page!!! In this page I will be posting slide shows of little hair photo sessions I do with my hair. This month I present THE SWIMMINGPOOL SESSION!!! This section will work as a gallery, so, suposedly, the pictures will only appear once and then be replaced by the new collections. If in the meantime I don't have time to do more collections, then I will start rotating the new ones with the older ones.

- Update on the VIDEOS page! Now you can see the last video posted on the page, so you don't need to go to YouTube. Still, feel free to go there and comment!!

- And, last but not least, new BRAIDING SITE!!! Please visit! It's on the affiliates section and on the links page, and there you can see my braiding works on other long haired people!

I hope you enjoy the new stuff! I have put some tought onto my site and I really think it needed to expand a little. I still have much more to add to each new section, but that will come with time... In the meantime, I hope everyone likes the changes. I surely love mantaining this site and is a pleasure to me to expand all my hair vanity here! Thank you so much for the suport and input everyone's been giving me. I feel flattered! And this was the 3rd year update!

Little Bird

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